Dear Dear Fashion is a fashion house and designer label. The house of Dear Dear Fashion produces women’s Haute Couture and Ready-To-Wear line.
All articles have been produced by the House of Dear Dear Fashion . This brand warrants its authenticity and the exclusive quality of real product. Owners of this fashion label are the only licensed to use all copyright, the logo, product, model and domain names “Dear Dear Fashion”. 
No other fashion designer, manufacturer or factory has any right to copy or be inspired by our models. All models are designed by Georgetta Dear Dragos, Creative Director of the fashion house. Any inspiration of more than 20% of the owned clothes, details, pattern cuts or original elements of a model, for any purpose not explicitly permitted by the owners Georgetta Dear Dragos and Zeta Dear Diamond, is considered a copyright infringement and it is a violation of Dear Dear Fashion copyright and proprietary rights
Product Made in Europe
Ready To Wear -2021-
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